FAQ: SAURIAN - An open world dinosaur survival experience
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What dinosaurs are playable in game?

The game plans to have these animals as playable: Dakotaraptor (already playable), pachycephalosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus, anzu, and ankylosaurus. Unfortunately crocodiles will not be playable in Saurian.

Last updated: August 01, 2017 11:53

How and when would I expect to gain access to my game?

Your digital downloads in your survey will have your Steam Key once your survey is answered and locked down.

If you’ve completed your survey and are not locked down yet, drop us a line to distribute your codes!

Last updated: August 03, 2017 15:30

When is the art book going to be delivered?

The field guide is still being worked on and we currently don’t have a set time frame for it. We’ll make an official announcement once we know for sure when we’ll have it ready.

Last updated: August 04, 2017 09:09

Can I play this on Mac now?

Per the project team (as of September 2017): Unfortunately due to the current issues we are experiencing with the Mac version of the game it has been delayed beyond our original estimate. Our latest devlog entry describes the problems and our current plan for the Mac version of Saurian on our official website: http://sauriangame.com/

Last updated: September 08, 2017 10:38

What PC platforms will Saurian be released on?

Saurian will initially be released on Steam. No other platforms are definite at this time. Last updated: Sun, Jun 5 2016 5:19 pm EDT

Will the Mac version of Saurian be released at the same time as the Windows version?

Yes! Both versions will be available at pre-release, Steam Early Access, and final release! Last updated: Tue, May 24 2016 11:31 pm EDT

Will there be a Linux version of Saurian?

We do intend on having a Linux version, but it will be released after Windows and Mac versions. Last updated: Thu, May 26 2016 2:15 am EDT

What are the minimum/recommended specifications for Saurian?

Unfortunately, we are still ironing out what the min/recommended specifications for the game. We are unable to give an estimate at this time, but we will release this information publicly as soon as we are able. Last updated: Tue, May 24 2016 11:31 pm EDT

Will Saurian be third-person or first-person POV?

The game will mainly be in a third person POV, but provided we reach our VR stretch goal there will be the opportunity to see through a dinosaur-eye view perspective! Saurian’s third-person perspective does also allow the player to zoom in and out, allowing a close ‘pseudo’ first-person POV! Last updated: Tue, May 24 2016 11:31 pm EDT

Will Saurian be single-player or multiplayer?

Saurian will initially be a single-player experience. But we hope to implement multiplayer some time after full release. Depending on if we hit our stretch goal or not (Which we have! Yay, multiplayer!) determines the priority of the multiplayer feature. Last updated: Sun, Jun 12 2016 5:11 pm EDT

How will multiplayer work in Saurian?

Due to the fact that multiplayer is so early in development, we are not ready to release the specifics of multiplayer at this time. Last updated: Sun, Jun 12 2016 5:11 pm EDT

What is the shipping cost for physical rewards?

We are unable to give exact shipping costs at this time. We are touching base with our project partners to give you guys estimates on shipping costs for specific physical rewards and will update this section as soon as possible! Last updated: Tue, May 24 2016 11:31 pm EDT

Will Hell Creek: Field Guide to the World of Saurian be available for purchase outside the Kickstarter campaign?

Yes! Digital copies of ‘Hell Creek: Field Guide to the World of Saurian’ will be available through Backerkit, as will a limited number of physical copies at a later date.

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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